The Huge Mistake Many People Make When Taking Advantage of a “Deal”

And How to Calculate the Value of Your Time

Everyone loves a good deal. Most involve saving money. Some involve earning it. In either case, the financial component is just one side of a deal. The other, often overlooked, side of a deal is the amount of time it requires of you to take advantage of it.


Without having a sense of the monetary value of your time, efforts to save money are often misguided or even counter-productive.


The Reason for Time and Money: What Matters Most

And How to Identify what Matters Most to You

What matters most to you? If you had more time and money, how would that help you pursue what matters most?


Saving money is great. Making money is fun. Being hyper-efficient makes you feel super-human. (Or is that last one only true for me?)

But having more time and money fails to satisfy unless directed toward a greater end. (more…)