How to Save an Average of 15% at 640 Stores with

Even the 40 Most Popular Retailers Still Average a 9% Discount

How would you like to save 12% on iTunes purchases, 15% at the Gap, or 9% at Toys”R”Us with very little extra effort? These are just some of the great deals that can consistently be had by using

Display of 8 Most Popular eGift Cards is a gift card reseller. But Raise differs in an important way from other sites that enable you to buy discounted gift cards. (more…)

2 Quick Steps to Give Free Money to Charity via AmazonSmile

How to Financially Support Charities You Care About Without Costing You a Penny

Would you like to give more to the charitable causes you care about? Do you shop at Amazon? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, you should take advantage of AmazonSmile, an easy way to benefit the charity of your choice at no additional cost to you.

Girl extending hands to give wad of cash

The way AmazonSmile works is simple: (more…)

4 Steps to Receive Deal Alerts Before Anyone Else

How to Get the Best Deals Before They’re Gone

Have you ever missed a deal because you were notified about it too late? Maybe the perfect car you’ve been searching for on Craigslist came and went before you had time to act. Or maybe you just keep missing out on free donuts at work. In any case, there is a simple trick that will give you a leg up on the competition.

Getting notified of a deal before everyone else is like getting a head-start in a race.

From free food at work to ultra-cheap flights to a great price on a used car, I find that the best deals are usually gone in a matter of hours, if not minutes. Unless you are glued to your email—which kills productivity—it is easy to miss out.

Fortunately, it’s possible to know about the best deals without watching your email like a hawk. The trick is to set things up so that whenever a deal is sent to you via email, you receive a text message alerting you to the deal.

I have used this trick successfully in many scenarios, and I probably receive two such texts per day with deals I want to know about. As I type this very paragraph, in fact, I was just alerted by text to a deal for $75 round trip flights from my home airport in Denver to New York. If I wanted, I could take advantage of that deal before most anyone else was even aware of its existence.

The four steps to being the first to know about a deal are: (more…)

Great New Site Notifies You of Ultralow Fares from Your Chosen Airport(s)

“All the Flight Deals” Overcomes the Limitations of Other Sites to Consistently Provide Fantastic Deals, Including Many Flights to Europe for Under $450 Round-trip

Do you want to travel cheaply without any credit card or mile and point shenanigans? If so, you should check out this great new site: All the Flight Deals. It has consistently provided me with fantastic fares including many from my home airport to Europe for under $450 round-trip.

All the Flight Deals notifies you of the cheapest fares from whatever airport(s) you want to monitor to anywhere in the world. In doing so, it differs in important ways from all the other airfare sites I’m aware of. Consider these differences: (more…)

You Can’t Afford Not to Have a Personal Assistant

And How You Can Hire a Top-Rated Virtual Assistant for $5 per Hour

Have you ever wished there were another “you” to help you get everything done? If so, you need a personal assistant. “Personal assistant!?,” you scoff. “Aren’t personal assistants for millionaires and CEOs?” Yes, they are. But not only for them. Not anymore. Nowadays, you and I can afford an assistant as well.

A generation ago my suggestion may have been preposterous. But times have changed. Consider these three differences: (more…)

Why Procrastination Increases Efficiency

And How You Can Achieve Greater Efficiency and Other Benefits Besides without Procrastinating

Have you ever been up against a deadline and found yourself accomplishing more than seems humanly possible? Final exams used to spark that feeling for me as a student. Now, my biggest work projects do. I also recall getting a million things done in the days leading up to my wedding.

Lots of pressure can be stressful. But for many of us, it is also energizing. Our focus skyrockets. We become super-efficient. We feel intensely alive.

Do you ever wish that you could live “in the zone” more often? After all, final exams, big work projects, and weddings don’t come around every day.

I’d like to discuss three approaches to being super-efficient more often. One I argue against, and two I argue for. (more…)