I bet you care a lot about what matters most to you—certain people or causes or projects. But if you’re like most people, you can’t pursue what matters most to you to the extent that you’d like due to limited time and money.

This blog is meant to change that. My aim is to help you have more time and money for what matters most.

I’m Brian McAdam. What matters most to me is my faith, my family, and the opportunity to better them and the world through my work.

More Time

I have been blessed with a skill set, which I’ve honed throughout my life, of saving time in almost every imaginable way. Whether having books read to me at 2x speed while driving, mowing the lawn in the continuous direction of an inward spiral so that at every single moment the mower is cutting grass, or charting the fastest path from airport parking to my plane, I love to squeeze every last second out of life. It is sort of like a game to me, but with a very real reward that justifies (I think!) my uber-efficiency: more time for what matters most to me.

More Money

I also love money-saving and money-making tricks that add value to my family’s financial bottom line.

In the three years prior to starting this blog, I combined many such techniques to earn enough money, airline miles, and hotel points outside of my job to take my family to Hawaii, Scotland, Arizona, Mexico (twice), and the Florida Keys . . . all for free! I’m excited to teach you how to do the same!

What Matters Most

With extra time I can do things that matter to me like pray each day and spend more time with my family. With extra income, we can travel as a family and give to causes we believe in.

This blog allows me to give in at least two ways that are meaningful to me. First, as I mentioned, it allows me to help you have more time and money to pursue what matters most. Secondly, for the foreseeable future I am donating any and all profits from this blog to charity.

My Bio

Here’s my quick bio. I was born and raised in Colorado, where I now live.

In a true test of my efficiency, I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Boston College in a combined 3.5 years while still managing to finish 3rd in a class of 1,350. I got my doctorate in philosophy from The Catholic University of America.

Jobs I’ve had include: working for a mutual fund company; founding an SAT-prep company, where the students raised their scores by an average of 151 points out of 1600 possible points; and running a summer leadership program for undergrads. I have a job I love working as a director at a rapidly-growing non-profit. (Just to be clear, any thoughts expressed in this blog are mine alone and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer.)

I am blessed with a wonderful wife and three amazing kids. Our two youngest are fraternal twin boys, whom we affectionately refer to as “double trouble”!

How About You?

What matters most to you? Life is all about what matters most. I’m thrilled to help you have more time and money to pursue it!

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If you have any thoughts or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at brian@brianmcadam.com. I look forward to getting to know you and to helping you have more time and money for what matters most!