Great New Site Notifies You of Ultralow Fares from Your Chosen Airport(s)

“All the Flight Deals” Overcomes the Limitations of Other Sites to Consistently Provide Fantastic Deals, Including Many Flights to Europe for Under $450 Round-trip

Do you want to travel cheaply without any credit card or mile and point shenanigans? If so, you should check out this great new site: All the Flight Deals. It has consistently provided me with fantastic fares including many from my home airport to Europe for under $450 round-trip.

All the Flight Deals notifies you of the cheapest fares from whatever airport(s) you want to monitor to anywhere in the world. In doing so, it differs in important ways from all the other airfare sites I’m aware of. Consider these differences:

  • Online Travel Agencies: Flight search engines such as Google Flights are great for finding the cheapest tickets between two cities you specify. But if you want to save even more money and are willing to consider any destination that will be super-cheap to get to, Google Flights isn’t much help.
  • Last-minute Deals: There are a slew of sites that will show you good “last-minute” travel deals. But they aren’t helpful if you want to plan ahead.
  • Best-deal Sites: Finally, there are a handful of sites that report fantastic fares that pop up across the world. The problem with these sites, though, is they don’t enable you to receive alerts for only the fares that apply to the airport(s) you care about. As a result, most of the fantastic fares are irrelevant to you, and sorting through them is a pain.

All the Flight Deals overcomes all of the above drawbacks. It allows you to receive notifications for fares that apply only to the airport(s) you care about. The deals typically are good for several months out, giving you time to plan. And because you are monitoring the best fares to anywhere in the world, the deals are terrific.

As an example, here are the notifications I’ve received for my home airport over the past five days. Note, for instance, Denver to Brussels round-trip for $370.

Note: A green check-mark indicates that the deal has been verified as being available. The airplane symbol signifies nonstop flights.

Here’s a summary of the deals I’ve received over the past 15 days. Note the average fare of $636 round-trip from Denver to Asia, $435 round-trip to Europe, and $92 round-trip within the Continental U.S. Those are all fantastic prices. Round-trip flights from the U.S. to Europe, for instance, often costs more than $1,000.

I signed up for All the Flight Deals 92 days ago, shortly after the site launched. I chose to monitor only my home airport in Denver. Since then, I’ve received 100 deals, so about 1 per day. Depending on the number of airports you monitor and how busy they are, you could see fewer or more deals.

You can choose how often you want to be notified of deals:

  • whenever a new deal pops up
  • up to twice per day
  • just once per day
  • every other day
  • or never (in which case you can just view deals on the website)

In addition to specifying the airport(s) you want to monitor and how often you want to be notified of deals, you can choose to see:

  • only deals verified to be available (which, in my experience, almost all are)
  • only nonstop fights
  • flights from airports within 60 miles of the airport you specify
  • only flights to certain regions of the world or specific countries within those regions

All of the deals I’ve received have been for economy fares. According to comments in this post on The Points Guy, however, All the Flight Deals also passes along any outstanding business or first class fares.

It is free to sign up for All the Flights Deals. You can sign up here.

Concluding Thoughts

I love traveling for free, as I described in my recent series on how to travel for free. But free travel does involve the effort of signing up for credit cards with large mile and point signup bonuses, meeting minimum spend, etc. And when it comes to redeeming the miles and points, you are often subject to award availability.

With All the Flight Deals, life is simpler. You don’t need to worry about credit cards, miles and points, or award availability.

On the negative side, however, you have to wait around for a deal that appeals to you, and you often can’t plan ahead more than a few months. Plus, though cheap, it isn’t free. But then again, award travel oftentimes isn’t quite free, either. . . .

My advice? Pursue both angles. Accumulate miles and points while at the same time seeing what promising fares All the Flight Deals turns up for you. Both approaches allow you to travel more or to divert money you would have spent on more costly travel to other priorities.

Question: Would you see yourself taking advantage of All the Flights Deals more or less often than cashing in frequent flyer miles? You can leave a comment by clicking here. And if you liked this post, sign up here so that you never miss a future post.

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2 thoughts on “Great New Site Notifies You of Ultralow Fares from Your Chosen Airport(s)

  1. Another great article from you Brian! Truly the content you post here is unique, thoroughly vetted and explained, and valuable to us readers. Particularly those of us who are detail-oriented and overly cerebal in our analysis.
    I really like this tool because it allows for exploration at a cheap cash level and offers a good way to measure the cost-benefit of the point and mile accumulation schemes. After all, as I believe we both agree, time is our last non-renewable natural resource and commodity. I’ve already signed up for this and will leverage it to compare / contrast with Miles options. Another great aspect of this tool is that it quickly allows one to explore their wanderlust and imagine a variety of destinations without a lot of time-consuming and clumsy award ticket searches.

    • Thanks very much for the kind words, Joshua. I appreciate the comment and agree with the points you make.

      I’m looking at some award tickets at the moment whose taxes and fees surpass the total cost of some flights coming through All the Flights Deals! Ha.