The One Thing I Want for My 40th Birthday

And How to Double Your Money in a Completely Different Way

I’m turning 40 this week! Thursday, November 16th is the big day. For a brief moment, I’ll be right on top of the hill. 🙂 And for once, I know what I want for my birthday. Instead of receiving gifts, I want to raise $10,000 for an organization called charity: water. $10,000 is the cost to drill one well and provide clean water for an entire village.

Ugandan holding two bottles: one with dirty water, the other with clean water

Water before and after charity: water provides a well for a village

But let me back up.

I just found out about charity: water last month. Their mission is to bring clean water to every person on earth who doesn’t have it. Sadly—as I learned—that is 1 in 10 people.

Charity: water come to villages where this is the type of water that people drink every day:

Rwandan collecting filthy water

Such water causes kids to get sick, develop disfiguring growths, and in some cases die.

Seeing such pictures, I got choked up for two reasons. First, just wrestling with the fact that this is all that many kids have to drink.

But secondly, on a more personal level, I imagined what it must be like to be a father in such a situation. How absolutely devastating must it be to watch your kids drink this water—indeed, to give it to them, as there is no alternative? It must crush parents to be so powerless to help.

But We Can Change Over 300 Lives

Charity: water comes into these villages and installs a well. Overnight, everyone has clean water to drink. And women—who often spend 4 hours each day walking to get water—are freed up to be able to care for their loved ones in a whole new way. That’s a lot more time for what matters most.

Rwandan children celebrating around charity: water well

I’d like to invite you to partner with me in making a life-changing difference for an entire village—for more than 300 people!

To do that, charity: water needs to dig a new well. And as I mentioned, the cost to do that is $10,000.

Now, I imagine that many of you would help just because it is a noble cause.

But I also know that my readers love a deal as much as I do. You want to make the most of your hard-earned money. And so you should! So, I’ve put together a special opportunity:

How to Double Your Money in a Completely Different Way

I reached out to some friends who have pledged to match, dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000, any money I can raise in support of this cause. My wife and I contributed the first $1,000 of those funds to get the ball rolling.

Yes, you can give by credit card to earn rewards 🙂 . And yes, all donations are tax-deductible. But the big opportunity here is to 2x your impact by giving a gift that will be doubled.

Would you, please, be willing to make a donation to charity: water by using this link to my fundraising page?

  • Your gift will be doubled.
  • You’ll help me have the best 40th birthday ever.
  • And, most importantly, you’ll help change the lives of over 300 people.

With it being my 40th, I’m asking if folks would be willing to give $40. But any amount—larger or smaller—would be very helpful and would mean a lot to me. (Especially my daughter’s $4 donation. She wanted to give “four plus zero.”)

Final Thoughts

First, a few final notes on charity: water.

  • Charity: water is set up so that 100% of the $10,000 I’d like to raise will go directly to providing clean water. Private donors cover operating costs.
  • I researched them, and they earned a very good review from Charity Navigator, an independent site that rates charities.
  • If you’d like to learn more about charity: water, you can watch this very moving video that tells the story of their unlikely founding by a former nightclub promoter and how they’ve grown to provide clean water for over 6 million people.

Now this next part I find particularly cool:

  • When our water project is completed, charity: water will send us photos and GPS coordinates so we can see the exact community we helped!

Thank you for considering joining me. I would be thrilled to partner with you in making a life-changing difference for more than 300 people.

Gratefully yours,

39-Years-Young Brian

P.S. Again, if you’re able to help, the link to give is:

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