3 Reasons to Use a GPS App Even When You Don’t Need It

And My Top Two GPS App Recommendations

If you know how to get where you are going, using a GPS app is pointless, right? Not in my opinion. There are 3 reasons why I think you should use a GPS app every time you get in the car. These reasons save you time and money.

Following are those reasons as well as my top two GPS app recommendations.

3 Reasons to Always Use a GPS App

  1. Saves Time with Most Expedient Route. First, especially in the case of a GPS app that factors live traffic into your commute, it provides you with the most expedient route probably 99 out of 100 times. I’m not suggesting you slavishly follow the prompts of your GPS into a lake, like Michael and Dwight do in the TV show The Office. The GPS works for you, not the other way around. But, generally speaking, your intelligence is demonstrated not by trying to outsmart the advanced tool you purchased, but by using it. 🙂
  2. Saves Money by Avoiding Hazards. Second, there are GPS apps like Waze (see recommendation below) that point out speed traps and hazards ahead, such as objects in the road. Those alerts help you avoid tickets and accidents. Avoiding tickets and accidents saves you money.
  3. Frees You up for More Important Concerns. Thirdly, unless your drive is 100% a matter of habit, a GPS handles something that your mind would otherwise be occupied with to some extent. By freeing up some mental bandwidth, you can add enriching elements to your drive such as listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

My Top 2 GPS App Recommendations

My top two recommendations for a GPS app are:

  1. Waze. My all-around favorite GPS app is Waze. What sets it apart from other GPS apps are the adjustments and announcements it makes based on user data. For instance, by tracking the speed of other drivers using the Waze app, it can detect heavy traffic ahead of you. It will reroute you around the traffic if there is a more expedient way. And as mentioned above, it will notify you of speed traps and hazards ahead, based on input from other Waze users. I also like that you can have it display both the speed limit and your car’s speed. It is free. You can download it for Android from Google Play or for the iPhone from the App Store.
  2. Google Maps. Waze is the GPS app I use 95% of the time, and it is always the one I use when I know how to get where I’m going. Sometimes, when I don’t know how to get where I’m going, I will use Google Maps. That’s because Google Maps seems to provide the most accurate mapping, in my experience. It lacks some of the features I like most about Waze, but I can count on it more than any other GPS app to get me to my destination. You can download it for Android from Google Play or for the iPhone from the App Store.

Question: What is your favorite GPS app to use and why? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Use a GPS App Even When You Don’t Need It

  1. Brian is a really smart and trustworthy guy. This seems like sound advice, but be sure not to read the phone app while you are driving. You should just turn the Waze voice up and listen to the voice prompts. Your children may also like a celebrity Waze voice such as Shaquille O’Neal. Perhaps Brian will be kind enough to let us know how to personalize our Waze voice.

    Coach Brian, thank you for helping us all be more efficient.

    • Ha! Thanks, Jonny. I’m afraid I don’t know about the personalized Waze voice, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were possible.

      I have my phone in a windshield mount, which allows me to glimpse it easily and safely while driving. Also, when I know how to get where I’m going, I put Waze in “alert only” mode, meaning that it doesn’t talk to me at every turn but only when there are hazards, etc. ahead to make me aware of. You can choose that mode by tapping on the volume icon.